Coaching and Training


If you want to expand your personal and professional potential or if you have employees who need guidance, coaching can be an effective solution. We offer one-on-one and group coaching for individuals and groups in various stages of work and life. Our results-oriented coaching approach is based on defined goals set by the individual and/or the organization. Personalized coaching often works where other methods fail.

Jo Mattoon Associates offers a range of coaching services:

Executive Coaching – Leadership is lonely, especially at the top.  Having a trusted resource for frank feedback, developing strategies, gaining skill, and playing with ideas is invaluable.  Executive Coaching offers the rare environment where leaders can be real and find solutions.

Developing Leader Coaching – Sometimes you have a diamond in the rough that needs a bit of polishing.  Perhaps you have been recently promoted and realize your technical expertise is not the same skill set needed for managing people.  I learned how to lead by trial and error.  In Developing Leader Coaching we focus more on the ‘learning’ and less on the ‘error.’

Performance Realignment Coaching – Sometimes coaching is used to assist a struggling employee, supervisor, or manager.  Performance Realignment Coaching is built around the specific challenges preventing a person from meeting or exceeding expectations.  This coaching engages the person, their supervisor, and the coach in creating success.

Career Coaching – Not sure what you want to be when you grow up?  Ready for change?  Are forces outside your control changing your work world?  There are many reasons you may want or need to pivot from your current work to a new or different role.  Career coaching is about identifying a direction and putting a plan in place to get you there.

Personal/Life Coaching – The coaching process brings value outside the workplace too.  Personal/Life Coaching can help with major decisions, life transitions, personal goal setting and more.  Move to actions faster through the coaching process.


Training and Facilitation

If you have you ever tried facilitating an important project, meeting or discussion while being a participant, you know it does not work.  We offer facilitation services in a wide range of situations – strategic planning, post-incident debriefings, project planning and execution, and other business opportunities.  Bring us in to help you reach your goals and to give you the luxury of fully engaging with the team.

Training is not a luxury, it is key to ongoing personal and organizational development.  Jo Mattoon Associates offers fast-paced, interactive training on a wide range of leadership and workplace topics.  Best of all, trainings are developed or changed to meet your organization’s specific needs.  Additional training opportunities are also available through MPM Training  where you can take advantage of a powerful combination of training experts.

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